World of Dance is an urban dance competition that tours across the U.S. and around the world. I felt they needed a new logo intro for the videos they post on their YouTube channel, so I created this cel animation in Adobe Photoshop. 
All 226 frames were drawn by hand.

This was most definitely a labor of love, for a company I love.




WOD Process Frames.jpg

Step 1: Find the dancers

The goal was to find three different videos of three different dancers doing three different styles to showcase the variety of urban dance styles that grace the World of Dance stage. I then had to choose a few seconds of movement from each video that I felt would have smooth transitions from one dancer to the next.


Step 2: Rough sketches

I then went through the sections of the videos I had chosen and sketched basic figure studies frame by frame in Photoshop. I distorted the figures in order to give the video a forced perspective look. 


Step 3: Refined line drawings

From the basic figure sketches, I drew simple lines, including the expression and clothing of the dancer. 

WOD Process Frames4.jpg

Step 4: Tour locations and color

The last few steps were to add in the background the names of the locations World of Dance tours. In addition to assigning a different background color to each location, I also inverted colors of the figure.